What's Inside the Box for businesses?

As experienced HR Consultants, we can work with businesses to identify key roles and functions, develop an effective and appropriate talent management process and put in place strategies for succession and development planning for critical roles to secure future skills and capabilities.

Change Management

With extensive experience in bids, mergers and acquisitions, we can support you to manage your business changes, growth, restructures or downsizing.

We help you with the following:

• initial due diligence

• organizational design

• workforce planning
• recruitment, transition and integration

• role design and mapping

• communication

• redundancy management

People are the key component in any business change and helping people transition quickly and effectively will ensure you realize the benefits of your business decisions as quickly as possible, with minimal interruption.

HR Consulting and expertise

For businesses who have limited HR resources or require additional HR support, we can provide expert advice and guidance on an ad-hoc or regular basis. You may require support with a particular project, developing policies and processes, performance management or building an HR plan which supports your business plan. With proven experience in delivering practical operational plans which support business strategies, we can help your business realize its goals.

Executive Coaching for Managers & Team Development Programs

With a unique approach and focus on behavioral change and impact back in the workforce, we have developed and delivered a variety of customized management and leadership programs. My passion is building programs that are practical and provide participants with an opportunity to learn a skill and practice it in the workshop so they can apply it immediately when they return to their team environment. I also endeavor to make programs interesting, innovative and using the most current learning techniques

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