What's Inside the Box for Managers?

Coaching & Developing People Managers

Management is a skill which can be developed and people management is an art which some people adapt to easier than others. As you move from technical expert to a manager of people, you will need to change what you do and sometimes the way you do things. We can provide support, skills and development for you during this transition period.

Whether its via an individual development session, executive coaching or as part of a group development program, Inside the Box HR can provide fully customized development which suits your business requirements.

With many years experience in HR Consulting Inside the Box HR has a passion for people and business success and believes in practical people development options where there is a noticeable change in behavior as a result of the development activity.

Performance Management

From setting expectations, delegation, giving and receiving feedback through to incident and conduct management, Inside The Box HR can support you through all aspects of managing others and develop your skills to be a more effective manager.

Team Building

Whether you have a new team, a growing business, changing dynamics due to business changes or restructure, an effective team is the key to business success. Inside the Box HR works with the teams and builds an appropriate development activity to suit the team members and stage of development. One option is to utilize a tool such as DISC to understand different styles when working together or we can facilitate operational planning sessions to support business strategy.

Executive Coaching

Even when you know what your strengths are, you can struggle to overcome your development areas and change your behavior. Having an executive coach to work with you on a regular basis can be the key to help you make those changes that will lead to a positive leap in performance. An executive coach supports you to achieve your goals and keeps you on track when you could get distracted with other issues. We offer a variety of coaching options, please contact us for a confidential discussion and advice on what might be the best approach for your success.
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